Junior Secondary (Years 7-10)

A firm foundation – Biblical Truth

The transition from Primary School to Year 7 can be daunting for some students, so we ensure that our students are supported at this critical time in their young lives. Year 7 is considered a ‘transition’ year and at MCCC we provide extra support during this year of change. We endeavour to minimise the large number of teachers which helps students adjust gradually to having the full range of teachers. Students have a Home Teacher and Home Room for subjects in Year 7. There is an emphasis on becoming responsible, independent workers.

MidCoast Christian College offers a variety of subject choices to all students in Years 7-10, catering for the unique skills, gifts and interests they have been given. Students are given opportunities to develop their talents, empowering them as individuals to make a difference in their world for Christ. Our staff guide and encourage students as they grow into the remarkable person God has created them to be.

To enhance the learning of students in all subjects, the College runs a 'Bring Your Own Device' program for students from Years 7 to 12. This means iPads and other devices can be utilised as teaching aides to further enrich the learning experience. Teachers also develop units of work for students with a particular focus on differentiating the curriculum to extend higher order thinking.

“Developing an enthusiasm for learning”