Principal's Welcome

A very warm welcome to you. We hope you enjoy exploring and learning more about this wonderful place, as you discover the difference MidCoast Christian College can make in your child's life. At MCCC we understand that choosing the right school is important. We invite you to partner with us in raising and educating your child. We look forward to hearing your child's story and meeting with you to discuss your child's future.

We believe in the importance of educational research

Our teachers are taught the data-proven strategies and skills that have the biggest impact on student learning. We believe that teachers are learners too, so we make sure they have the training they need to be effective. We have a teacher mentor program where experienced teachers work with colleagues in the classroom, providing feedback so that they continually grow. We are blessed with a very committed, talented, generous, well-qualified and hard-working staff. They all have a genuine heart for working with young people.

We believe in Biblical values

We believe that Biblical values, which most people see as traditional values, are good for children and give them a solid foundation for adulthood. Our College values are compassion, humility, respect, integrity, self-control and trustworthiness. The first letter of each value makes the name CHRIST, who is the cornerstone of our College. We expect our students to not only subscribe to these values but also grow in them.

We believe our students have an amazing experience at MCCC

We believe our students have an amazing experience at MCCC; our parents keep telling us! We believe in developing and empowering young people who will impact their world and make a difference for Jesus. We have sent out doctors, farmers, nurses, teachers, mechanics, retail assistants, marine biologists, professional sportsmen and women, real estate agents, dieticians, engineers and lawyers.

If you’d like to know more, please come and visit us. We’ll make you feel welcome.

Mr David Coleman BA DipEd MA