MidCoast Christian College Fees

Our mission is to provide affordable, Christ-focused education.

MidCoast Christian College has been called into existence by God “To educate excellently from a Christian perspective, developing and nurturing students’ character, faith, knowledge, skills and values in the context of a dynamic, caring and creative Christ–centred community.”

MCCC has an all-inclusive fee with a  generous fee rebate for siblings. 20% rebate for second child, 50% rebate for third child and 100% rebate for the fourth child.

Excursions that are extra to the syllabus, are charged on a ‘pay as you go’ basis.

Contact the College on fees@mccc.nsw.edu.au for more information.

College Fees

Please use the Edstart Website link below to obtain an estimate of your tuition fees. College Fees are invoiced annually and then statements are emailed out termly.

Payment options

Edstart (preferred payment method)

Full fees can be paid up front at the beginning of the College year via Bpay through Edstart.

Edstart Introduction

Edstart is a payment option to make it easier for families to manage your College fee payments. You can spread your fees into weekly, fortnightly, monthly or annual instalments, as well as extending payments over a longer period.

To find out more about what Edstart is offering to MidCoast Christian College families, click the link below

College Departures

Upon written notification of withdrawal of enrolment, the College will require 13x weeks notice, OR 13 weeks College fees may be charged per student from the date written notification is received.

Fee Policy

Click the button below to read our MidCoast Christian College Fee Policy.