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Want to speak to a real person? Our Office Hours are Monday–Friday (8:30–4:00pm) Phone us on 02 6539 0100

We want to hear your concerns as well as things we are doing well. The Board and staff are encouraged by positive feedback. We can pass on positive comments anonymously if you wish. 

Use to tell us about things like:

  • a general uniform issue or concern;
  • your feedback on events or processes; 
  • traffic concerns (although sometimes these are outside our control);
  • how we can do better. 

Dissatisfied with the outcome of your complaint?

If we are unable to resolve your complaint, we'll clearly explain why.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of a complaint – or if the complaint remains unresolved – you can contact us again and we will consider whether it was handled reasonably, fairly and objectively. When necessary, we may obtain advice from our associations or Government departments and agencies in order to help us reach decisions and manage concerns.

These matters are of high importance, confidential and are directly actioned only by the Principal. 

A serious complaint is when you tell us about things like:

  • your dissatisfaction with an action or decision after it has gone through our normal dispute processes;
  • a concern regarding the conduct of a member of staff; 
  • a policy or decision made by us which may cause harm; or
  • a child protection issue or allegation. 

Alternatively, you may phone the College and request to speak with the Principal. You will then be passed to the Principal’s Assistant to book a time for a phone call or meeting.

Please email your serious complaint to:  

The complaints email is only for very serious and sensitive matters. Concerns relating to your child’s progress, reporting, uniform or behaviour, firstly need to go to your child’s teacher and then to the relevant Coordinator or Head of Department as appropriate.

Contact us at and we will get back to you.

Alternatively, please call the office on 02 6539 0100.