Forster FAQs

Q: When is Forster to open and what grades?

We plan to open Forster Campus in Term 1 2024 for Kindergarten to Year 7.

We plan to extend to Year 8 in 2025.

Q: Will you open all the way to Year 12?

We are actively looking for a potential site for a Secondary Campus.

Q: Will you open a Pre-Kinder?

Currently there are no plans to open a Pre-Kinder at Forster when the Campus commences.

Q: What is the uniform and where do we get it?

The Uniform design is attached below and is the same as the Taree Campus and uniforms are solely sourced from WorkWise Clothing Company.

Q: What are the fees?

There is a fee calculator on the website and fees will be the same as the Taree Campus.

Q: Who will be the head of the Campus?

Mr Jason Reed, who is the current Deputy Principal at Taree, will be the first Head of Campus.

Q: How are enrolments processed?

Enrolments will be processed through our new “Enrol” online system which is accessible on our website.

Q: What are the initial fees for application?

Each family, regardless of which campus they enrol at, need to pay a $50 application fee which is not refundable. 

In addition to this, Forster families will be asked to pay a $500 per family fee which is refundable and will go as a credit to the first year’s fees at the College. This will be used to convince the authorities we have the numbers committed to the College.

Q: How does the College communicate with families?

We have a MidCoast Christian College App which families use to get regular communication from the College. On occasions, we also use email and SMS (for attendance). 

Facebook is used to celebrate learning and events that have happened at the College.

Q: When do students need their own laptop?

Students have access to devices throughout Primary (Kindergarten-Year 6)

Students need to have their own laptop computers from Year 7 onwards. This will be the same at both campuses.